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4 Channel RF control on Arduino

RF modules offer the capability to wirless transmite datta on electronic and robotics projects, this modules are extremly easy to use and are quite cheap (about $5 USD) wich make them ideal for projects In this little example an Arduino UNO board with 2 micro servo motors will be controlled remotely using an XY-DJM-5V SC2272-M4 RF controller. Note that this module is intended for be used as a simple relay on its digital pins, other modules allow more deep radio… Read More »4 Channel RF control on Arduino

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External Incompressible 3D flow CFD Analysis OpenFOAM Tutorial

The case represent a kilo-class submarine totally submerged under a water medium. The interest data for this tutorial is the flow path over the submarine shape and how the water interacts, the pressure points on the structure and the turbulence generated.

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Controlling multiple speed-independent stepper motors simultaneously with Arduino.

Many robotic projects require the control of multiples digital and discrete outputs to work simultaneously, the motor interfaces are not an exception due big robotic instrumentation used today, the widespread Arduino control interface has the ability to handle steppers motors even with its own reference function librarys, but when it comes to a much more basic type of control over multiple speed’s motors some arrangements need to be done.The basic operation of a stepper motor and its advantages like position… Read More »Controlling multiple speed-independent stepper motors simultaneously with Arduino.

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Simple analog and digital control prototype using Arduino and Python

Building hardware interfaces for programs and robotic projects its always easy with Arduino, the communication capability of the board allows to send data directly to a computer or logic circuit with no need for complex custom electronic configurations. The prototype was created to test the following capabilities and characteristics for Arduino and Python working in together: Arduino analog and digital read Arduino Serial communication  Python Serial port reading Python periferical control emulation Creating a custom shield for the control make… Read More »Simple analog and digital control prototype using Arduino and Python

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Pressure regulator CFD OpenFOAM analysis.

Analysis of a pressure regulator valve using the beginning OpenFOAM tutorial from Libre Mechanics Simple beginning 3D OpenFOAM Tutorial.pdf The valve uses the variable change on the fluid path to create restriction to the normal pass , which create a pressure and flow drop on the line, this compact, large-capacity direct-operate pressure regulator are common found on toughest pressure control aplications This kind of equipment can help solve the toughest pressure control applications, Typical applications include superheated steam, steam injection,… Read More »Pressure regulator CFD OpenFOAM analysis.

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Simple beginning 3D OpenFOAM Tutorial

DOWNLOAD: Simple beginning 3D OpenFOAM Tutorial.pdf OpenFOAM (Open Source Field Operation and Manipulation) it’s an Open Source Software project claim to be one of the best CFD tools currently available, principally be its constant development and its highly technical structure, the fine implementation of common solvers and the possibility to edit and create equations and mathematical cases make OpenFOAM useful tool on researching. OpenFOAM is a C++ toolbox for the development of customized numerical solvers, and pre-/post-processing utilities for the… Read More »Simple beginning 3D OpenFOAM Tutorial

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Akrep Crawler Robot | Cheap and easy telepresence project

The Akrep Crawler Robot it’s an “state of the art” project designed to test some design and constructions abilities on a fun context. The robot was designed on a simple crawler base, made by a rubber band over wood wheels, this to simplify the control to just 2 DC motors that ensure the movement over most surfaces. The telepresence module offers the ability to control the machine and explore the field remotely via Wi-Fi using a video streaming and a… Read More »Akrep Crawler Robot | Cheap and easy telepresence project

calculix advanced tutorial

Advanced CalculiX Tutorial

DOWNLOAD: Advanced CalculiX Tutorial.PDF Usual FEA applications involve analysis where multi body assemblies are loaded to determine the contact behavior between each other, some of this data are friction, relative displacement and contact pressure. This kind of cases of study are specially complex and requires much more technological resources due to the nonlinearity characteristics of the case, where a slight change on the geometry, mesh or frontier conditions overcome on a totally different behavior.CalculiX offers a highly custom process to… Read More »Advanced CalculiX Tutorial

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LM-Plot Serial Devices Plotting Program

LM-Plot it’s a simple and easy to use program intended to be a useful tool for electronic and robotic projects where common data analysis is required on real time samples, using the serial port to catch data the user choose to plot immediately the variable or record the data streaming into a permanent file. The program also allows to configure some plot settings in order to improve understanding, presentation and data storing for later interpretation. Some main features are: Simple… Read More »LM-Plot Serial Devices Plotting Program


First IMPACT Finite Element Program tutorial.

Impact its an explicit finite element program wich development and final caracteristics are higly admirable by the way it focus on a simple, yet powerfull structure to solve real world numeric problems under the Time Explicit regimen. The programing language is really simple and can be read and understood from scratch, allowing the user to be more in contact and in control to the analisy’s structure and variables. The program documentation its already on the web and can be get… Read More »First IMPACT Finite Element Program tutorial.