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Pressure regulator CFD OpenFOAM analysis.

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Analysis of a pressure regulator valve using the beginning OpenFOAM tutorial from Libre Mechanics Simple beginning 3D OpenFOAM Tutorial.pdf

The valve uses the variable change on the fluid path to create restriction to the normal pass , which create a pressure and flow drop on the line, this compact, large-capacity direct-operate pressure regulator are common found on toughest pressure control aplications

This kind of equipment can help solve the toughest pressure control applications, Typical applications include superheated steam, steam injection, steam tracing, nitrogen purging, boiler feed water, process chemicals, cooling water, sterilizaers autoclaves, fuel lines and many others.

Note: The external 3D model of this representative analisys was get it on the platform which allow anyone to download the exact 3D model of a valve or regulator assemble for dimensioning plant designs.

The internal path parts were recreated by merely observation and does not limited or violate the real patented design of the equipment owned by the brand. On this article, should not be given other greater relevance to the analisys other than an educational and representative example.

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