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OZER Hexapod V-0.1 Open-Hardware, modular 3D printed robot using Raspberry Pi

OZER is a work in progress to develop a totally functional hexapod for exploring functions on unstructured terrains. Keeping as main objectives the development of a low cost, easy to construct, assemble and operate structure which allows the reconfiguring of the platform for new uses. In this version (V-0.1) the robot is able to perform basic operations such as standing, and walking; the control set is command through SSH connection with a feedback video feed form the Raspberry Pi camera… Read More »OZER Hexapod V-0.1 Open-Hardware, modular 3D printed robot using Raspberry Pi

Arduino RF module thumbnail

Arduino with RF module, custom data transmission.

Some usual RF devices are those digital modules where a button or command generates an digital output on the receptor, this limits the amount of control that can be generated on the receptor to a few “channels”. In most cases some “complex” custom comunication is required, where the RF modules need to handle any type and size of information the process require. In this case an Arduino board connected to a RF transmitter that send the strings it recives via… Read More »Arduino with RF module, custom data transmission.

rf control thumbnail

4 Channel RF control on Arduino

RF modules offer the capability to wirless transmite datta on electronic and robotics projects, this modules are extremly easy to use and are quite cheap (about $5 USD) wich make them ideal for projects In this little example an Arduino UNO board with 2 micro servo motors will be controlled remotely using an XY-DJM-5V SC2272-M4 RF controller. Note that this module is intended for be used as a simple relay on its digital pins, other modules allow more deep radio… Read More »4 Channel RF control on Arduino

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Controlling multiple speed-independent stepper motors simultaneously with Arduino.

Many robotic projects require the control of multiples digital and discrete outputs to work simultaneously, the motor interfaces are not an exception due big robotic instrumentation used today, the widespread Arduino control interface has the ability to handle steppers motors even with its own reference function librarys, but when it comes to a much more basic type of control over multiple speed’s motors some arrangements need to be done.The basic operation of a stepper motor and its advantages like position… Read More »Controlling multiple speed-independent stepper motors simultaneously with Arduino.

arduino shield thumbnail

Simple analog and digital control prototype using Arduino and Python

Building hardware interfaces for programs and robotic projects its always easy with Arduino, the communication capability of the board allows to send data directly to a computer or logic circuit with no need for complex custom electronic configurations. The prototype was created to test the following capabilities and characteristics for Arduino and Python working in together: Arduino analog and digital read Arduino Serial communication  Python Serial port reading Python periferical control emulation Creating a custom shield for the control make… Read More »Simple analog and digital control prototype using Arduino and Python

akrep robot thumbnail

Akrep Crawler Robot | Cheap and easy telepresence project

The Akrep Crawler Robot it’s an “state of the art” project designed to test some design and constructions abilities on a fun context. The robot was designed on a simple crawler base, made by a rubber band over wood wheels, this to simplify the control to just 2 DC motors that ensure the movement over most surfaces. The telepresence module offers the ability to control the machine and explore the field remotely via Wi-Fi using a video streaming and a… Read More »Akrep Crawler Robot | Cheap and easy telepresence project

Simple solar traker

Simple solar traker with ARDUINO

The solar tracker made ​​with a control board low-cost Arduino using recycled materials.

A project focused on a quick and easy construction taking into account the subsequent reuse of all the elements used.

infrared sensor test

Infrared sensor test with ARDUINO

CNY70 reflective sensor is an infrared sersor allowing alteration of an analog electrical signal depending on the amount of infrared light that is reflected by an object near the sensor, in this way the sensor can be used as a switch or as a reader analog signal. There are two types of application, a proximity sensor and a tachometer. The proximity sensor is located perpendicular to a reflective surface which means that, at steady state there is always a high… Read More »Infrared sensor test with ARDUINO