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Leap Motion on Ubuntu 14.04

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Leap Motion its a very simple and cheap motion sensor for workstations
optimized to detect hand movements, the development environment allows to
capture optimized raw data and used on endless aplications.

The process to install Leap Motion under Ubuntu its quite simple:

  1. Download
    Leap Motion software
  2. In your download folder and as root install the package (depending on
    your system choose one):
    • sudo dpkg –install Leap-*-x64.deb
    • sudo dpkg –install Leap-*-x86.deb
  3. Testing the installation is straight forward by initiating the program
    un the panel or a console:
    • LeapControlPanel
    • Depending on your system ”

      sudo leapd” may be necessary.
    • The Leap Motion icon will appear on the top left corner of the
      screen, right clicking on it will bring a menu to configure and test
      the tracking.

The sensor information makes possible natural control for robots and virtual
reality environments.
For a quick integration test there’s a Chrome extension that allows you to
control your web browser with gestures and customized movements.

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