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CAELinux CD Label

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The already known 2011 version of CAELinux count with some of the best and latest applications meant to be use for analysis and simulations, some of the new features are:

Dedicated to CAE , scientific computing and mathematical modelling with emphasis on finite element simulation and computational fluid dynamics Includes the integrated 3D pre-/ post / FE solver package SALOME_MECA 2011.2 (GPL, developped by EDF, France) which  represents the fusion of Salome v5.1.3 GUI and Code-Aster STA11.0 finite element solver (updated, GPL) Offers a complete solution for CFD with OpenFOAM 2.0.1 , Gerris and Code-Saturne 2.0.2 solvers Contains several 2D & 3D CAD/pre/post packages: Paraview, OpenDX, EnGrid 1.2, Elmer GUI, Netgen, Tetgen, GMSH v2.5, Salome v.6.3, Freecad 0.12, & QCad Includes other simulation softwares for multiphysics simulation: Elmer v6.2 , Calculix v2.3, Impact, MBDyn, Dynela, Fenics  Offers several scientific tools like OpenModelica, GNU Octave (+ QtOctave GUI ), R & Rkward, Scilab, wxMaxima, Scipy, Latex and a full set of developpement tools / compilers.

Here a simple, yet useful CD label for this amazing tool.

CAElinux CD Label

CAElinux CD Label

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