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How to mesh complex geometries on NETGEN and properly analyse on CalculiX

How to mesh complex geometries on NetGen and properly analyse on CalculiX

NetGen it’s a powerful 3D tetrahedral mesh generatorl that can handle complex geometries and a great variety of meshing options, the tetrahedral meshs as those created with Netgen are the best option on the selection of a discretization theorem for a non conventional bodycas long as it can handle a decent meshing density , wich it’s possible with the use of current medium-high level processing units. The tetrahedral elements can adjust more easily to the curves and spline surfaces of the model, preserving its proportion form.

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How To Install CalculiX 2.6 multi-thread on Ubuntu

The documentation for how to do this is already on the Internet for all of you who knows how to get it, the issue is in all these incomprehensible or wrong sources which can waste our time. Older versions, different programs or libraries, different platforms or just poor documentation is normally found.

Fixing all this here is Tutorial of how to do it easily:

first blender render image

Rendering with BLENDER Tutorial

Blender it’s a huge 3D design platform that can be used as an extension of all specialized CAD programs. Any 3D model can be imported in to blender and can be rendered in to any 2D image or animated video, the use of lights, cameras, and custom textures make blender the finest way to make high quality blender in any system. Blender capabilities are in constant grow and new users can found alot of information about how to start using… Read More »Rendering with BLENDER Tutorial

Salome Meca

First Salome-Meca tutorial

In this video, you will find a useful, “Hello world” step by step example that will help you to understand how this platform works. Importing a 3D model. Meshing. Setting a linear static analysis. Configuring the results. Download the video

Simple solar traker

Simple solar traker with ARDUINO

The solar tracker made ​​with a control board low-cost Arduino using recycled materials.

A project focused on a quick and easy construction taking into account the subsequent reuse of all the elements used.

infrared sensor test

Infrared sensor test with ARDUINO

CNY70 reflective sensor is an infrared sersor allowing alteration of an analog electrical signal depending on the amount of infrared light that is reflected by an object near the sensor, in this way the sensor can be used as a switch or as a reader analog signal. There are two types of application, a proximity sensor and a tachometer. The proximity sensor is located perpendicular to a reflective surface which means that, at steady state there is always a high… Read More »Infrared sensor test with ARDUINO

Common subjection parts

Common subjection parts | Free library 1

In almost all design assemblies the use of subjection parts is imperative, the correct selection of this elements highly affect the process of manufacture and real world assembly. Thinking in a low costs, highly maintainable, standard desing could be the diference between a failure and a succes project. This is a little Free Library of common subjection parts that can be used in any project. Scews Nuts Washers This parts are already standardized and can be used with the certainty… Read More »Common subjection parts | Free library 1

Humerus analysis, anisotropic material on CalculiX

The bone is not an uniform material like others usually known on finite element analysis like metals and plastics, this one its compose by layers of distincs materials and diferent propierties. Before anything it is recommended to read first a little about this kind of materials in order to undertand they mechanical conduct. The diference between this material and others is in his espacial – mechanical propierthis, for example, in a regular isotropic material the mechanical propierties are define by… Read More »Humerus analysis, anisotropic material on CalculiX

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CAELinux CD Label

The already known 2011 version of CAELinux count with some of the best and latest applications meant to be use for analysis and simulations, some of the new features are: Dedicated to CAE , scientific computing and mathematical modelling with emphasis on finite element simulation and computational fluid dynamics Includes the integrated 3D pre-/ post / FE solver package SALOME_MECA 2011.2 (GPL, developped by EDF, France) which  represents the fusion of Salome v5.1.3 GUI and Code-Aster STA11.0 finite element solver (updated,… Read More »CAELinux CD Label